Sunday 23 March 2014

young BOY HELPING build a timber honey frame - inserting eyelets

Dear viewers,

I could not help myself and had to upload this one! COOL little BOY helping build our timber honey frames. Very cute, very excited, and great skill with the eyelets and all the tools to be honest. We believe in getting kids involved in beekeeping young and in all the activities associated with it. Bee it hive inspections, building brood boxes, painting and cleaning honey supers, extracting honey, bottling, and off course cooking with RAW honey and in the end, enjoying the fruits of our labor. Get them away from the TV and computer games and get them out there, into the back yard, into nature and into the fields, learning real life skills. This video is a little example of such an activity. Great little beekeeper in the making. Take a look and share the video. We trust you will enjoy this short clip and it may put a smile on your face.

Enjoy and have a fabulous day.


Music composed, performed and provided by Groovey - Adam Kubát a Pavel Křivák

You can visit their website on:

Also, a big thank you goes to Kevin McLeod for providing his royalty free music "Up on a Housetop". We appreciate your kind contribution.

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